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What is your favorite fiction genre?
Realistic: 2 votes (1.16%)
Historical: 5 votes (2.91%)
Mystery: 7 votes (4.07%)
Fantasy: 6 votes (3.49%)
Science Fiction: 29 votes (16.86%)
Horror: 103 votes (59.88%)
Adventure: 9 votes (5.23%)
Humor: 0 votes (0%)
Romance: 6 votes (3.49%)
Classics: 5 votes (2.91%)
Total Votes: 172

BBIS Library Mission Statement

The mission of the BBIS School Library is to inspire and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning in our school community, whilst supporting the curricular and co-curricular programmes of BBIS and promoting international mindedness.

The Library strives to be a learning hub that is an integral part of the school community. The library supports teaching, learning and research in an intellectually and culturally open environment.

The Library Staff strives to work collaboratively with teachers to create authentic learning for all students, to encourage effective use of ideas and information; to provide quality resources to encourage reading for pleasure, and to help students stay informed in a rapidly changing world.


Primary Students -  corresponding to Grade level (e.g. Grade 1 = 1 item)

Secondary Students - 5 books

Parents - 5 books

Staff - unlimited

‚ÄčAt the discretion of library staff, borrowing limits (both numbers and loan time) may be extended for students completing Exhibition or Personal Projects, and other class research projects. Staff borrowing is unrestricted within reason. Student loan period is a maximum of 3 weeks.  All library resources are borrowed at the circulation desk via Destiny or by using the self-checkout form.

Materials may not be checked out under somebody else’s name. Every library user is responsible for all materials borrowed under his/her name.


The BBIS Library is a place of serious research, exploration and study.  Excessive noise prevents others from concentrating. Students who visit are expected to have something to do and to use their time appropriately; they are asked to maintain civilized conduct and to avoid noisy or rowdy behavior.

When students are visiting the library for their session, we ask that they enter quietly and in an orderly fashion. The library is a shared space and students should respect it as a special place for all to read, learn and relax quietly. If they are coming from study hall, they must get a pass from the monitor and present it when entering the library.

There is no food or drink in the library.

School computers are for academic purposes only. There is no game playing at any time.

We ask students to be responsible library users and to return books on time, treat library materials and equipment with respect, and practice safety at all times.

Opening Hours

Monday & Wednesday, 8:00 - 16:30
Tuesday & Thursday, 8:00 - 15:00

(staff meetings after school)
Friday 8:00 - 15:00

PYP Librarian - Graeme Boyd

MYP/DP/CP Librarian - Kaden Conrad

Educational Technology Coordinator - Anthony Russo

Librarian - Tamzin Wood